Below is a list of a few of the services we provide. If there is a related service not listed, please contact us. We would love to help you with whatever your projects are.

Data Warehouse Development / Web-based Report Services

We have extensive experience in the areas of Data Warehouse Development, Information aggregation, Data Scrubbing and Internet Accessible Customized Reports.

Address Validation

We are proud to offer Web School Data Search (WebSDS)© Services for School Districts.

WebSDS© automatically loads your Student Database with accurate Geographic Data (including School Districts, Attendance Areas, and Study Area* boundaries). On-going accurate data ensures your students are properly validated before they get into your Student System wrong. It saves you time and money!

Our services include the easy-to-use GeoSpective Technologies™ FindYourSchool© application for countywide School District/Attendance Area validation. It can be used at District offices, School Sites, and by the general public. It tells you which District and Schools your students should attend by address location. This application is available for use on your website for easy access by parents or school administration.

GeoSpective Technologies™ InfoViewer© will give you the same information as our GeoSpective Technologies™ FindYourSchool© application along with other boundary data such as Trustee Areas, Assessor Parcel information, Census boundary information that includes Census Tracts, Census Block Groups, Census Blocks and Census Places and more.

Large Format Scanning, Printing and Copying Services

We are now providing large format scanning, printing and copying services at competive pricing. Please contact us.

Application Development

Convert or Develop a New Application

• Industry-Standard programming languages and tools
• User-friendly screens
• Designed to meet your Unique specifications
• Integrate with ODBC/SQL compliant databases
• Develop or integrate your client data
• Convert to web-based applications

Interface with Geographic Data

• Associate any address with a Boundary Boundary or Site Data
• Determine which territory your client resides in
• Establish Marketing statistical data
• Create maps of your client locations
• Integrate your customized regions with Geographic data

Applications that Work for You

• Successful implementations
• High client satisfaction
• Excellent track record
• Customized to meet the needs of the Client

Data & Demographics

Need Statistics for a Grant or Proposal?

• We specialize in Riverside County Geographic Data
• Census Data (1970, 1980, 1990, 2000+)
• Regional Projections
• Custom process Business or Residence data
• Data for Master Plans
• Proposed Facility/Site analysis
• Study/Growth Monitoring and Sphere of Influence
• Determine statistics within any Boundary

Integrate your Client Data

• Capture your data within numerous Boundary and Site Data Layers
• Integrate other public and special data layers
• Create a custom boundary and process your data
• Geo-code your address-based accounts
• Integrate your customized regions with Geographic data

Any Output format you Want

• Create custom Detail and Summary Reports
• Export processed data to any computerized format
• Create a statistical map that supports your numbers

Other Services


• Route and Stops analysis
• Student Transportation (special needs or general)
• Transportation Maps
• Directional Maps and On-line Service
• Computerize manual bus routes

Technical Consulting

• Full or partial system
• Software, application assessment/analysis
• Training


• Custom Digitizing and Scanning
• Computerized Site/Floor Plans
• Export/import data to customized and standard formats
• Mailing labels and lists
• Document Lamination